Renal Term Description

Discharge Summaries

Renal Pathology meeting
  • 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month @ 140pm in Anatomical Pathology Conference Room
  • Renal advanced trainee must send list of biopsies to review at least 2 days in advance (best to email all specialists beforehand to check that all relevant biopsies are on the list)
  • Proforma for biopsy list - fax to 9767 8427 or email
  • Criteria for biopsy review:
    • Case has diagnostic or educational aspect
    • Treating Nephrologist will be present or has expressly asked to have the case discussed in his/her absence.

Pathology ordering:
  • On occasion we order some unusual tests that you may not be familiar with...don't hesitate to ask or also use the link below for more information from the laboratories.