Postop management of PD catheter and exit site

Immediate post-op management

PD exit site dressings must remain intact. If exit site or suture line appear inflamed, bleeding or there is a discharge, consult Renal CNC or PD staff. If dressing requires changing, please refer to Post Operative Dressing Protocol. Swab site and send to Microbiology for Culture and Sensitivity if required.

After discharge

Post operative dressing procedures to be used for the first 2 - 3 weeks depending on patient’s individual wound healing process. Dressing should be attended by Home Therapies CNC or PD clinic staff where possible.

Dressing changes to be done weekly unless there is any dressing impairment, bleeding or signs of infection:
  • 1st dressing: applied in operating theatre or post operation (preferably within 24hours)
  • 2nd dressing: 7th day post op in PD training centre
  • 3rd dressing: 14th day post op ( 1st day of training)
  • 4th dressing: 21st day post op ( or/and last day of training)

Do not allow the dressing to become wet and not to allow pulling or movement of catheter during this time frame

After 3 weeks (or when the exit site is completely healed) patients are to be trained on chronic exit site care. Patients are to receive a written exit site care protocol for attending the daily dressing at home.

Ensure patient is maintaining regular bowel habit while attending training centre or during training period

Postoperative peritoneal catheter exit site dressing

See SLH protocol for dressing instructions