Quality & Safety

Kidney disease, especially in the more advanced stages where it requires dialysis treatment, has significant impacts upon patients, their families and the well-being of both. All healthcare brings with it some risk, but adverse events in patients with kidney disease can be especially harmful. Our quality and safety initiatives have focussed upon the area of dialysis access (the means by which we maintain access to the vascular system to perform the dialysis) and below is some of the indicators that we think are key to knowing whether we’re doing a good job. The data below is updated quarterly.

No. of patients per quarter presenting with access problems.

Presentation Q12012.jpg

No. of line days used per quarter (total number of days that patients have exposure to lines per quarter).

Line days Q12012.jpg

Rolling 6 month rate of bacteraemia per quarter (no. of infections per quarter/1000 line days
using last 6 months of data).
Bacteraemia Q12012.jpg