Concord Renal Unit Policies and Protocols

Below is a list of the Concord Renal Unit Policies and Protocols. Some of these documents are in development and are denoted with DRAFT at the end of the link to the page. If you find some material here that is not correct or up do date please let us know.


Clinical Problems
  • Pyelonephritis - DRAFT
  • Iron infusions (ferinject) through Hospital In The Home (HITH):
    • Complete outpatient prescription (pt to fill at any pharmacy)
    • Complete consult sheet for HITH
    • Complete Recommendation for Admission form
  • Fluids and electrolytes:
  • Hypertension - DRAFT
  • Metformin levels

Clinical Protocols

  • Transplantation
    • Transplant recipient work-up (RPAH)

    • Live Donor Annual Review form

    • Foscarnet for resistant CMV - DRAFT
    • Pneumocystis prophylaxis - PA/DNT guidelines

Nursing Protocols and Procedures
  • under construction